Natural Perfume by Fitzgerald and Guislain

Fitzgerald and Guislain is a Northern California all-natural perfume house combining historical techniques and the finest modern botanical essences available. The fragrances do not utilize any synthetically derived essences, only botanical and animal-derived materials. This indie perfume house is unique in their historically inspired blends creating meticulously reconstructed pieces based on extensive primary source research and utilizing period-accurate ingredients. Many of their ingredients are crafted in house as they are no longer produced by suppliers.

Rondeletia and Extrait d'Ambre are both such reproductions from the Victorian era.

Some outstanding examples of these historical techniques and sensibilities can be found in their original perfumes: Extrait d'Osmanthus, Le Muguet en Mai, Rose Imperiale, and Foret de Fontainebleau.

Please drop by the Atelier to experience these wonderfully unique perfumes along with their new gorgeous floral, Tiare Interdit from the "Les Extraits Exceptionnels" collection.