Fitzgerald & Guislain: Extrait d’Ambre - Extrait Exceptionnel de parfum 15ml


Extrait d’Ambre

Scent family: Animalic

Scent Notes: Persian rose, musk, white ambergris tincture, vanilla.

Resurrected from late 19th century texts, Extrait d'ambre is an enchanting, animalic perfume comprised of several exceptionally rare essences. Ambergris, normally used as a supporting ingredient, is given a starring role in this daring perfume. Persian rose otto helps to bring out the floral notes of the ambergris while tinctures of Siberian musk and Madagascar vanilla enhance its animalic warmth. A historical treasure brought back to life.

15ml/.5oz presented in a classic crystal splash falcon nestled in a beautifully hand cut wooden box.

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