Fitzgerald & Guislain: Prunier à Minuit extrait de parfum 15ml


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Prunier à Minuit

Scent family: Fruity Incense

Scent Notes: tobacco, plum, jasmine sambac, tuberose, ambergris, amber, Indian sandalwood, vanilla, balsam fir.

Prunier à Minuit is an elixir of incense and plum wine inspired by Tang Dynasty poet Li Bai’s “Drinking Alone Under the Moon”. The base notes of wood smoke and incense represent smoke curling up from a distant village as the speaker of the poem raises his glass of wine to the moon. Night flowers of tuberose and jasmine swirl with the heady fumes of the plum wine as the speaker dances in intoxicated exhilaration, creating an ambrosial mixture that rises up to the stars on the warm night air.


15ml/.5oz presented in a classic crystal splash falcon nestled in a beautifully hand cut wooden box.


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