Fitzgerald & Guislain: Extrait d’Osmanthus - Extrait Exceptionnel de parfum 15ml


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Extrait d’Osmanthus

Scent Family: Soliflore

Scent Notes: apricot, osmanthus, musk, ambergris, vanilla.

Extrait d’Osmanthus is an animalic soliflore highlighting Chinese osmanthus. The base of this perfume is a painstakingly researched reproduction of an 1858 perfume recipe centered on a richly animalic ambergris and rose accord. On top of this historical base we have layered a delicious fruity floral heart comprised of a natural apricot accord and osmanthus absolute. The hay-like and leathery undertones of the osmanthus blend seamlessly with the animalic quality of the historical base. 


15ml/.5oz presented in a classic crystal splash falcon nestled in a beautifully hand cut wooden box.

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