Custom Botanical Perfume Blending Workshop


Custom Botanical Perfume Blending Workshop

Join natural perfumer Alexander Chesebro of Fitzgerald & Guislain for an introductory and intermediate perfume blending workshops.

Introductory Workshop:

Students will learn the fundamental principles of crafting exquisite perfumes solely from botanical ingredients and test their new-found skills by creating their own natural perfume to take home.

Students will learn:

How to evaluate and classify botanical essences for use in perfumery

How to blend seamless aromatic accords with botanicals

How to troubleshoot common blending problems 

How to create a balanced final perfume composition

Students will receive a guidebook covering the material discussed in class and a 30 ml atomizer bottle of their own custom botanical perfume blend that they will create during the class.

Intermediate Workshop: If you have taken the Introductory Workshop and would like to dive a bit deeper into the nuances of natural perfume blending, this is a great  way to refine your skills and knowledge from the first class. Alexander will cover a bit more of the chemistry involved and give insight to expanding your knowledge to the more sophisticated extrait perfumes.

This workshop will explore the history and composition of rich and spicy amber perfumes. We will cover techniques from vintage masters such as Ernest Daltroff as well as modern interpretations of the amber genre. During the workshop, students will create an extrait strength amber perfume to take home as well as a guidebook.

Introductory Workshop: Saturday, December 7th, 2019 from 11am-3pm

Intermediate Workshop: Sunday, December  8th, 2019 from 11am-3pm

Location: Atelier des Modistes  1903 Hyde Street San Francisco, CA  94109

Phone: 415-775-0545

Light refreshments will be served during a half hour break

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